Featured Artists of the Month:  Jack George, Quemado, NM
I am Jack George, I am 11 years old and I live in Quemado, NM which is a
very small ranching community where everyone knows each other. I was named
after my grandfather who was a horse trader and cowboy and I have grown up
ranching, rodeoing and hunting. My mom and dad grew up training horses,
rodeoing and hunting and I was 18 month old when I participated in my first rodeo
you could say that the cowboy life style is in my blood. I said my first cowboy
poem when I was in Kindergarten for the school declamation. I have won the
declamation contest ever year and have presented poems at many events for family
and friends. Many of the poems I perform are poems that my grandfather loved
and said when he was working with his horses. I look forward to building on this
skill as I grow and mature and caring on the cowboy heritage for future


Western Music Association

New Mexico Chapter

Quite simply, Western music is the folk music of the West.
Western music originates from roots in English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ballads, as well as the many musical influences from the immigrants who "went west."  While "Cowboy" music is an important part of Western music, the stories of larger populations of Western culture are equally important. Settlers, farmers, ranchers, horsemen and women, soldiers, miners, gamblers, saloon keepers, school teachers, and other folk who inhabited the great American west are all subjects of modern day Western music.