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Then in 1973 he quit his teaching job to move to Nashville to pursue a career writing songs, creating film scores and jingles. Allan is a three-time Grammy Nominee with songs performed by The Oak Ridge Boys, Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross and many other performers. In 1980 he won the American Song Festival.

In the late 1980’s Allan left Nashville and moved back to Texas to help run the family’s cow-calf operation. In 1992 he attended his first Western Music Association gathering in Tucson. Allan was the bass player and vocalist for The Chisolm Trail Cowboys and the multi-award-winning Texas Trailhands. Over the years Allan has been nominated many times as Finalist for WMA and AWA Song of the Year, CD of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year.

In 2016 he won the bronze Song of the Year ‘Woodyfest Song Festival’ Award. And in 2017 Allan and Jim Jones won the Western Writers of America, Western Song of the Year Spur Award.

Allan is still active in writing songs and performing with his multi-talented Rodeo Kate. They continue to be active in ranching operations in Clay and Wise County, Texas.


Allan Chapman, Decatur, TX.
Allan Chapman was raised in West Texas on a cattle ranch his great-grandfather started in 1882 in Knox and Robert Lee Counties. When he was 9 months old he could not pat his feet to the sound of songs playing on the radio because he was still crawling. So, he grabbed the big Philco radio in the living room and pulled himself up to stand, so he could stomp his feet and sing along. He hasn’t stopped since.

He won a music scholarship to attend Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. He received undergraduate degrees in English and Phycology and a Master’s Degree in English Literature. For a short time he was an Associate Professor of English at Oklahoma State University at Stillwater, Oklahoma.